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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Testimonials for Nikki Leigh

I've been collecting testimonials from people for my promotional work and I'll be adding more as I get them. I also need to explain that I do work with authors under my pen name, Nikki Leigh and I work with people through my business (S & C Consulting) under my legal name, Shri. You will see both names below - but they are both me.

For the Most Up to Date Testimonials -

Visit - http://nikkileigh.com/promo_test.htm

“I recently had the complete pleasure of working with Nikki Leigh. She expertly weaved together my Virtual Book Tour for “Money and Manifesting” from a slender thread into a fully constructed, silky smooth garment. The woman is a dynamo! She takes great care to match the subject matter of the book with the appropriate hosts. Her organizational skills and attention to every detail are par excellence. She responds to questions immediately and she is absolutely tops in promotion. I believe there is none better in the Virtual Book Tour arena than Nikki Leigh. I highly recommend her services and I will be back for another round in the future. I am very impressed.”

Dyan Garris, Author and Musician - April 2008


Nikki Leigh organizes the best possible Virtual Book Tours imaginable. She goes above and beyond to match the right blogs with the your subject matter. She is also a veritable fountain of information and she helps in every way that she can. There is no one better to partner with on your Virtual Book Tour. The woman is tops in promotion. She is brilliant!

Dyan Garris, Author, Musician, Clairvoyant
www.voiceoftheangels.com May 2008


Amazon Bestseller Campaigns are effective. Today we have been promoting a first time author through a very strategic Amazon.com campaign, blog tour (with the magic touch of Nikki Leigh), Social Networks, Media Releases, Yahoo Groups, and general online outreach.

I have to give Nikki Leigh an incredible amount of credit for bringing in some great bloggers. For anyone who is thinking of doing a blog tour, Nikki is your expert! She has been a pleasure to work with, went above and beyond, created more value than expected and has a great sense of humor which is important during a campaign which tends to be very stressful.

Kathleen Gage - The Street Smarts Marketer


Nikki Leigh went above and beyond the call of duty when she arranged my virtual blog tour for my book RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. She worked for month’s in advance making sure I had all the questions and getting my answers to the participating blogs. Then, she promoted the heck out of the tour and stayed on top of things to make sure that my interviews were posted on time and where they were supposed to be. I highly recommend Nikki to any author who wants a virtual tour done right!

Yvonne Perry - http://yvonneperry.blogspot.com


I must tell all the authors that this testimonial is spoken from my heart and put into words in the best manner I can imagine. Nikki Leigh was and still is an inspirational instrument for my ego and for me to continue on with my journey delivering the message my book brings to others. More so than the Mob life I lived, which is told in detail, but how I found SOBRIETY that gave me the strength to leave the organized crime life behind. Yes, it was Nikki, who showed me the way how to deliver my message to others. I'll always be grateful to her. Always, Tony Napoli


Nikki Leigh is one of the most helpful and well-connected people on the Web. She coordinated my blog tour for The Sage Age—Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom. Not only did traffic to the book’s site nearly triple during the tour, it has remained high due to the substantial footprint of new listings in the search engines. With her treasure chest of contacts, Nikki was able to book the tour on blogs with a wide variety of readers that opened the door to a much more diverse audience than the niche market of the genre. The tour also garnered powerful reviews and interviews from several of the hosts, which has been a great boon to the marketing campaign. Because of the tour’s success, I will be going right back to Nikki to coordinate my next tour to launch a series of e-books titled Just the FAQs, which are manuals on the technical aspects of online marketing written for non-geeks. Being an author herself, Nikki’s vast array of connections in the writing business is sure to get this project off to a great start. I highly recommend the services of Nikki Leigh and Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours.

MaAnna Stephenson - Author of The Sage Age


Nikki Leigh's Virtual Book Tour was one of the best things I did for my books. Her knowledge of blogging and ability to utilize the wide variety of blogs in the cyber world proved to be a worthwhile investment of my marketing dollars. I definitely plan to engage Nikki's services for my future books.

Shobhan Bantwal - Author of The Forbidden Daughter and The Dowry Bride


It has been several months since you orchestrated a blog tour for my latest book, Transforming Power, and I am still getting attention on the Internet for the postings, interviews and reviews that you designed for me. I am simply amazed at the attention that I received during the blog tour and that is still coming my way.

I had never heard of a blog tour and was curious about what the process was and how it would help me. You were very skilled at helping me understand the process and what the potential results could be. You did not make empty promises, in fact, you delivered much more value than promised…and that value is still coming my way today.

As an added value element of your process, you taught me several things that I continue to use in building my business. I have a much keener sense of clarity in defining my product or service, I can focus on the value of what is delivered to a client, and I continue to utilize the information that you encouraged me to develop and articulate in additional articles and interviews during our work.

Thanks for the gifts you gave to me and to my business that continue to grow and help me prosper in today’s challenging business climate. I am much better after your process.

Please let me know how I can refer clients to you for your highly productive strategies.


Hugh Ballou



The blog tour for my book The Latino Challenge to Black America: Towards a Conversation Between African-Americans and Hispanics was both rewarding and profitable. It was a speedy, cost and time effective way to reach my targeted audience. It also boosted book sales. Most importantly, I was deeply impressed with the professionalism, attentiveness, and even friendship that Nikki Leigh provided me. I look forward to doing another book tour with Ms. Leigh and I would certainly recommend her services to any and all.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson - www.middlepassagepress.com


I am a dedicated published author. I have come to realize that as hard as it is to write a great story that gets readers' attention, marketing it is actually the tough part. I have spend more time than I would like to admit trying to find someone who could help me get my books into the public so they could know they even existed.
Now, I have met Nikki Leigh and learned about her Virtual Blog Tour, I truly feel she has led me on a path that will get my name and my novels out to people who will love them. Nikki has been a Godsend to me and she has shown herself to be always ready to answer any questions I have asked and has been a wonderful, positive critic of my material and has gently pushed me toward excellence.
Nikki Leigh's Virtual Blog Tour has given me the exposure I needed and has turned it all into a very enjoyable learning experience. I can say with out a doubt that if you are a writer who has written some great published material and need the help of a real, courteous professional to get your book into readers' hands, then Nikki Leigh and her excellent system, through her Virtual Blog Tour, will definitely be just the thing you need. Nikki Leigh has turned my literary marketing malaise into a challenging and exciting experience. Don't sit at your keyboard and wonder why you should write when no one ever reads what you have published. There's a solution, Nikki Leigh's Virtual Bog Tour. Contact her today.

Steven Clark Bradley - Author of Nimrod Rising - www.stevenbradley.net


Atlantic Publishing has worked with Shri Henkel for almost two years. In that time Shri has been an extraordinary client. She has written several books for us; including 365 Foolish Mistakes Smart Manager’s Make Every Day which is a 2007 Bronze Winner for the Independent Publisher Awards and How to Open a Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant which is a 2007 Notable Winner for the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. She has always been very helpful and flexible in whatever we have asked of her. We have enjoyed working with Shri over the last two years and look forward to our continued ventures with her. Her work is extraordinary and her work ethic is excellent.

Angela C. Adams, Managing Editor - Atlantic Publishing Company


We have found Nikki Leigh to be a capable author and very professional in all her dealings with our company. In the past two years we have published three of her books and are expecting to do three more in the near future. No advance-paying publisher (i.e. NOT a vanity press) contracts a second time with an author whose work is less than professional, as I am sure anyone would realize. Arline Chase - Owner - Write Words, Inc


I've worked with some very savvy marketing professionals during my years in the computer and broadcasting industries. I can't say that any one of them had the business instincts, breadth of knowledge, energy and creativity that Nikki Leigh brings to the table. I learn from her every single day.

Nora Peterson, www.norapeterson.com
Past Imperfect, Retire Rich with Your Self-Directed IRA, and Wall Street Lingo


Shri Henkel approached the SPCA in the fall of 2004 with a creative and innovative fundraising idea, “Pets N’ Portraits.” In this competition, individuals entered pictures of their animals in various categories. Winners received a variety of creative prizes, from an oil painting of their pet to a short story about their pet.
Shri not only conceived the idea, but planned and executed it beautifully, with minimal input from the SPCA. The result was a very popular contest, good publicity, and revenue for the SPCA.
We were all impressed by Shri’s creativity, organizational skills, and attention to both the larger picture and the smallest of details. We enjoyed working with her, recommend her to others, and hope she works with us again!
Many thanks,

Jenny Mead - President, SPCA Board of Directors


If you would like the facts, figures, statistics, recorded results, dates, and timeframes regarding Nikki's work as a business consultant, what she has done and what she is capable of doing, I recommend that you ask Nikki herself. (Or, read another testimonial that deals more with this sort of detail. I imagine she has many of them.) Nikki will have that information available for you and she will give it to you in a very clear organized, fashion.
What has impressed me about Nikki since I have been fortunate enough to interest her in doing some promotional work for Copper Age is that she has a mind like fireworks. That is really the best way that I can express it. In the short time that I have been working with her she has come up with so many excellent ideas in such a short period of time, that it has left an indelible impression on me.
She is also very capable of bringing these ideas to fruition. (in a remarkably short period of time.) The other qualities that I have recognized in Nikki are expertise, innovation, superlative communication skills and enthusiasm. Nikki gets things done.

Tom Brown – Creator of The Copper Age of Comics www.dunsanys.com


Nikki Leigh is a whirlwind of ideas and strategies. She knows how to tap into people's brains and pick out effective solutions for marketing, promotions and sales. I've never met such a human dynamo before, and as I've told her, she's my hero and I want to be just like her when I grow up. I'd trust her with any project and know that Allstate isn't the only place where you can be in good hands.

GingerSimpson, Author - http://www.gingersimpson.com


Nikki Leigh's fortitude, knowledge, professionalism and willingness to take time out of her own projects to help others achieve their goals is inspirational and a godsend. I seek out Nikki for help in marketing and promotional ideas for my own endeavors. With full knowledge that she would excel in any venture she chooses to pursue, I take pleasure in recommending Nikki highly.

Elena Dorothy Bowman - Sarah's Landing Series, The Legacy Series & Time-Rift
www.sarahslanding.com and http://elenadb.home.comcast.net


Nikki Leigh is a promotional genius. She has more great ideas for promotions than anyone I've met in a long time. AND, most important, she's willing to share her knowledge with those of us who are less fortunate in the fields of marketing and promotion.

Dorice Nelson – www.doricenelson.com - www.DoriceNelson.com/blog
Lost Son of Ireland 850 A.D. - Saratoga Summer: 1863 - Clan Gunn: Gerek 1650 Scotland


Nikki Leigh is the thesaurus of marketing and promotion as well as a research guru. She not only writes great, absorbing fiction she writes creative non-fiction that reads like a good novel. Whatever the challenge; technical writing, fiction, ghostwriting, promoting, marketing, Nikki can do it. I'm amazed at how much ground she can cover in a twenty-four hour day and do it with intelligent, engaging writing and verve. If you have a project that needs to be done, I highly recommend you have Nikki do the job for you.

Billie A Williams - www.billiewilliams.com


I spent five years as the co-owner of a marketing and promotion firm working with both large and small clients and media placements. During that time I developed a keen sense of what it takes to do the job. Nikki Leigh is one of the rare people who has both an excellent creative mind and an excellent business mind. She quickly gets to the heart of the challenge, analyzes what needs to be done and develops a composite creative and practical solution. That is essential for successful campaign management. I find myself turning to her when I am faced with challenges I don't have the answers for and she comes through every time.

MORGAN ST. JAMES www.silversistersmysteries.com
SILVER SISTERS MYSTERIES A CORPSE IN THE SOUP by Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner. A madcap romp in the glitzy world of TV chefs in search of a killer.


Nikki Leigh has one of the most innovative and creative minds I've ever come across! She's always looking for new ways to promote, and does it with such enthusiasm. Always willing to share her experiences and ideas with others, I can truthfully say she's always thinking on new marketing techniques and how to get the best for those who work with her. I've learned heaps from Nikki, and the amazing thing is, I know there's still more ideas to come!

Angela Verdenius - www.angelaverdenius.com
Award Winning Author of the sci-fi futuristic Heart & Soul series


Nikki Leigh's endless vigor and originality makes her the professional I turn to for marketing help. Her know-how and intuition paves the way in networking and media promotions with fortitude. I recommend her highly.

Donna Sundblad, author of Pumping Your Muse and Windwalker


Nikki Leigh is one of the most determined, ambitious business women I know. She does a great job at everything she tackles because of her enthusiasm and determination. She is a creative and smart writer who writes to help other business owners be successful. We can all learn from her.

Michelle Dunn - Author of the Collecting Money Series & The Mosquito Marketing Series.
www.michelledunn.com & www.BizCreditPolicy.com & www.credit-and-collections.com

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