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Monday, June 30, 2008

What Can A Conductor Teach You About Leadership?

How can you compare "being a conductor" with "being a corporate leader"? Read on to compare these two occupations and you will see why Hugh Ballou's 40 years as a choir conductor is invaluable in helping people learn how to become leaders.

The Conductor

The Corporate Leader

Sets the tempo

Sets the pace of the team

Gives the preparation before the downbeat:

  • Defines the exact time to begin
  • Gives a place to breathe
  • Defines the dynamic level
  • Sets the mood

Prepares the team for the project:

  • Defines the timeline for the project
  • Allows for clarity before starting
  • Sets boundaries for decisions
  • Defines the seriousness of the work

Shapes the phrases

Defines the goals

Balances the different instruments

Keeps the personalities aligned

Molds the cadences

Defines the parameters for reporting

Allows the musicians to play their best

Gives each person a place to use his or her skills and talents

Understands the power of position

Understands the power of position

Understands how to use personal influence over power

Understands how to use personal influence over power

Understands that players respond exactly as directed

Understands that the ability of the team depends on the ability of the leader

Knows exactly when to end

Knows where to focus for final results

Understands that the quality of the result depends on the quality of the ensemble

Understands that the quality of the result depends on the quality of the team synergy

Is always in charge

Is always in charge

Learn more about Hugh Ballou, Transforming Power and his virtual blog tour at http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/06/transforming-power-virtual-tour-with.html


David Hurley said...

I have never thought about conductors in this way before! Very neat! Thanks for the insight.

Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Hi David

Good to have you visit. I hadn't thought about a conductor like this before, that's why I insisted on posting the chart and info with his tour details. I interviewed Hugh on my radio show last week and I told him that I see my high school band teacher in a very different way now :)

Nikki Leigh

GT said...

Hi, Nikki:

Grea comparison between conductors and business leaders.

Successful business leadership requires precise orchestration by an attentive conductor with excellent pitch and an ear for the melody that will move the masses.

GT Bulmer