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Friday, June 13, 2008

What is a Virtual Blog Tour?

Definition of a Virtual Blog Tour

Simply, a virtual blog tour is a cyber “tour” which includes various blogs, websites, radio shows, newsletters etc. These sites usually have themes that are included in the book and are promoted on the tour. This “tour” gives authors the chance to reach many people as they travel the blog-o-sphere.

A tour contains a set of blog, website interviews, reviews or guest posts etc that are posted on a series of sites during a set amount of time. Various blog owners host you and many ask you interview questions about your book or they may request that you write a piece about a specific part or element of your book.

Virtual blog tours are a wonderful alternative to a “live” bookstore tour. A bookstore tour can be very expensive, consume a lot of your time, take you away from your family and job and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. A blog tour can be done from home and in your pajamas if that’s what you prefer.

In these days with sky rocketing gas and travel charges, is there a better and more eco-friendly way to promote our books, or other products and services? Each day we hear the price of gas has hit an “all time high”. Those words don't seem to mean much anymore. Unfortunately, any “all time high” will be obsolete within a day or two. We each battle the cost of driving and traveling every day. So, what is an author to do if they want to do a book tour to promote their book? The environmentally conscious answer is - a virtual book tour. There are many benefits to a virtual book tour over a brick and mortar store tour. These benefits include:


· Conserve gas


· Save money


· Stay home with family


· No need to leave job in order to tour

Benefits of a Blog

  1. Build credibility and increase visibility

  2. One of the key things people want to do with a blog tour is to generate sales

  3. Generate a buzz about your book

  4. Reach your target audience

  5. Get information about you and your books to many people in a short period of time

  6. Create additional links to your site

  7. Promote their book

  8. Let readers and potential readers to learn more about you and your books

  9. Help blog readers get to know the person behind the book or other product

  10. Search engines love blogs and your information gets to search engines immediately

  11. Give people the opportunity to communicate with you

  12. Comments can give you the chance to see what your blog readers are thinking

For much more information about blog tours, visit my site www.nikkileigh.com to download a copy of The Insider's Guide to Virtual Book Tours.

For details about virtual blog tour options - visit

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