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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something Special is Happening Today

I’ve got some very exciting news. A good friend and colleague is having a huge book launch today on Amazon.com. The best part of this campaign is the subject matter of the book. It is on how to become a conscious entrepreneur.

There's something really unique to this campaign. You could win two tickets to go to a conference that costs a few thousand per person, just for buying the book. Everyone who buys the book in today's campaign is eligible to win two tickets to Christine's Freedom Formula Event where you can learn from and meet Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, and James Twyman.

Who knows, for the price of the book you could be sitting in a room with some of the world’s most amazing luminaries.

The book, The Freedom Formula by Christine Kloser, is 22% off right now at Amazon and of course, you get a bunch of great bonus gifts from people like Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Ali Brown, James Twyman, Wayne Dyer and many more. The value of the bonuses is worth thousands.

You know, this could be one of those meant to be things. I believe the Universe supports us in our growth. The book’s content will definitely contribute to this for anyone who reads it.

How do I know? Because I have read the book and can endorse it 100%. Actually, you should see the endorsements on Amazon for the book.

Please go to http://www.freedomformulabook.com right now and get a copy of The Freedom Formula. You will be grateful you did.

I really appreciate it and if you could let others know about the campaign by forwarding this message to people you know enjoy this genre of books and would love to win the tickets.

Thanks for your support.

Nikki Leigh


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