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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women's Millionaire Club by Maureen G Mulvaney Virtual Book Tour - Starts in a Few Days

Women's Millionaire Club by Maureen G Mulvaney

We want to work with blogs and blog owners that attract female business owners - established or aspiring business owners. This book was written after in depth interviews with 21 very successful female entrepreneurs... and they share their secrets!

This is a 5 day tour that starts at the end of this week. It is March 13 thru March 17th. I created a download page - http://cli.gs/mgm for blog hosts to pick and chose any of this information to post on their blog.

There is a short summary that we ask each blog host to post, but the hosts can decide what other information to use. The goal is to share information about Maureen G Mulvaney (MGM) and her book, which will be part of an Amazon Best Seller campaign on Tuesday March 17th. For people who aren't familiar with the best seller campaign, we drive a large amount of people to buy copies of the book on March 17th. On that day only, people who buy the book will get entrance onto the bonus page which contains $1000's of in free bonuses. On this page - http://cli.gs/mgm - blog hosts can pick any combination of that information to post, info about the author, the book, the services she offers, any pictures - etc - it can be simple or more involved depending on what each host wants to share with their readers. Each blog post will be scheduled for any day between 3-13, 3-14, 3-15, 3-17 - whatever is best for each blog host. I'm filling spots now - so let me know if you have questions or if you are ready to pick a date to participate.

PS - Don't forget that we promote your blog as part of the tour and you should get some new traffic by participating in the tour.

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