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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your Women’s Millionaire Club Exclusive Private Invite

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

…I knew you would not want to miss out on this Exclusive Private Invite to Celebrate…Today, 17 March 09, St. Patrick’s Day! Do one simple thing today, 17 March, and within minutes the leprechauns will ‘gift’ you with a Pot o’ Gold filled with wisdom from over 50 of this planet’s most treasured authors,
entrepreneurs, and speakers!

My friends and I came together to offer you this huge Pot o’ Gold with 50 + bonus gifts worth thousands of dollars, ABSOLUTELY FREE. WHY?...To support a dear friend of ours, Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM. Help make her dream come true by celebrating the launch of her book: The Women’s Millionaire Club~The Closely Guarded Secret Success Recipes of Millionaire Women for Building and Owning a Home-Based Business.

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MGM’s Story:
Her mother named her Maureen G. Mulvaney because it was lyrically Irish and so her initials would be--M.G.M. --a Big Production. MGM was treated like a Gold Treasure by her mom who always spoke with kindness.

Yet kind words were not always what her mother heard from the bullies of the world. She was often called, “limpy, gimpy, cripple” because she had had polio.
She was told she would never walk but she believed she would. Because of that belief, she learned to walk, painfully, with a limp. Daily, she opened for MGM the Gift of Possibilities-- the Impossible was, indeed, Possible when you Believe.

MGM dedicated her book with love and gratitude to her mother who empowered MGM and energized her with her incredible spirit.

Her book, The Women’s Millionaire Club, honors and celebrates those who have the same spirit that her beloved mother possessed. This book is for all women, and men, who demonstrate love, courage, strength, kindness, and humility.

In her book, MGM opens the Gift of Possibilities so the Impossible, Becomes Possible.

*How ‘Ordinary’ women with NO Prior Experience in owning a Home-Based Business did the ‘ExtraOrdinary’— MADE MILLIONS while MAKING A DIFFERENCE

*The Success Ingredients ALL the Millionaireshad that You Must Have to Succeed in a Home-Based Business

*How YOU Can Create the SAME Success whether you are a veteran, ‘newbie’ or ‘wanna be’ Home-Based Business Entrepreneur using their amazingly simple
Success Recipes to Make Money while Making a Difference

MGM is a friend, internationally known speaker and author. She has inspired and motivated hundreds of thousands to transform their lives—I know she will inspire and motivate you. That’s why, I’m offering my Insiders’ Guide to Virtual Blog Tours as one of the Pot o’ Gold Free Bonus Gifts.

The Women’s Millionaire Club is MGM’s dream come true. The Gift of Possibility was opened for her – now she passes that Gift on to you. Can you hear MGM’s mother’s sweet spirit whispering, “I believe in YOU. This is your destiny. Claim your destiny.”

This is YOUR Exclusive Private Invitation to Claim Your Pot o’ Gold and Discover the Secret Success Recipes that will Explode Your Home Based Business.

Order The Women’s Millionaire Club Today…St. Patrick’s day…17 March 2009!

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Thanks for Making MGM’s Dream Come True,
I know her Book will Help You Make Your Dreams Come True!
~Together, We Can Make This Book a Best Seller!

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