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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Women of Wisdom Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women by Kris Steinnes

Each person that buys the book from Amazon on June 23 will get $1000’s of free gifts from their joint venture partners. Read on for much more detail and the blog tour schedule where we will be sharing more details.

About Women of Wisdom Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women

An Award Winning Finalist in Best New Non-Fiction 2008 from USA Book News, Women of Wisdom is an anthology of best selling authors such as Jean Houston, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Angeles Arrien, Marion Woodman, Riane Eisler, Isabel Allende, Judith Orloff and others.

Answers bloom like wildflowers in Women of Wisdom, a mixture of spiritual, academic, and artistic contributions from professionals and lay people who share their experience of being women and being divine. Since 1993 women have been attending the WOW gathering to uncover and celebrate the power of feminine spirit. In these selections, poetry mixes with history, visual art with the inner spirit, and the intellect with soulful longing, creating an inspiring kaleidoscope of feminine reverence. Often practical, always moving, the guidance on these pages speaks to the divine within us all.

About Kris Steinnes

Kris Steinnes is a true native of Seattle, a rarity in the city now! She loved growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, having fun camping during summer vacations and taking part in Girl Scouts. Her cultural roots are Norwegian, her father having immigrated in 1929 and her mother, of Norwegian descent, having grown up in South Dakota.

Kris graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Home Economics, studied clothing design, and was hired as a patternmaker in the clothing industry in Seattle. In the mid-1970’s she designed the Seattle Sonics basketball team uniforms, a design which lasted for almost 20 years. She became part of the design team at Britannia Jeans, where she discovered her love of travel, taking several trips to Hong Kong a year. In 1983 she took off with her husband for a year’s trip around the world, which stretched into three years. She fondly remembers many countries and experiences, China and Tibet being her favorite areas to explore.

Returning to Seattle in 1986, she knew she was finished with corporate life, and struck out on her own as a freelance designer and patternmaker. Having witnessed the daily spiritual life of the slower-paced countries during her travels, she yearned for something more, and finally found herself at Seattle Unity Church. After attending a couple of years, she became involved in their programs and became a board member. In 1991 she began a self exploratory journey, studying metaphysics and healing systems. After reading The Feminine Face of God, by Patricia Hopkins and Sherry Anderson, she had a vision of a gathering for women and in 1993 organized the first Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle. Year after year she directed the eight-day conferences, bringing women leaders from many fields together to share their gifts with the women’s community. In 1998 she founded the Women of Wisdom Foundation, a not for profit organization, and acted as executive director for six years.

Currently Kris is a minister, spiritual leader and meditation teacher, with a commitment to bringing feminine consciousness into everyday life. She continues to work with Women of Wisdom as a council member and hopes to move into an advisory role so she can move into her next career - as a writer, workshop leader and speaker, with a focus to promote Women of Wisdom internationally. She enjoys working with others to create new events, in addition to camping, swimming, traveling, reading, movies, and living with her husband, Chris Prall, and their two calico cats. She looks forward to what the next stage of life will bring as she approaches her sixties, and the many rich experiences that will follow in the decades to come.

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Virtual Blog Tour Schedule

p class="MsoNormal">The following blogs are scheduled to post information about The Women of Wisdom best seller campaign happening Tuesday June 23. Feel free to visit these blogs during the campaign to learn more about the book, the women, the group and the campaign. There could be changes to this schedule and information about all posts will be posted at www.virtualblogtour.blogspot.com with the links directly to each post. Or, you can watch www.twitter.com/litekepr for the most up to date posts.

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