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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Ask Nikki Leigh" - Answering Your Promotional Questions

I've thought it would be fun to be an advise columnist for years. But, I would have to do that under an unknown identity :) Today, it hit me that it might be fun to add a promotional advise column to my Muze's Musings blog. So, I want to extend an invitation to people to send me their questions about writing, publishing and especially promoting. Once I start getting regular questions, I'll feature one or two on my radio show - Book Promo 101 - Write, Publish and Promote. Seems like that could all work together.

So, I invite you to send me your writing, publishing and promoting questions. But, I need to give you give you two warnings -

1 - I reserve the right to chose which ones to answer - and when to answer them
2 - I reserve the right to give you an honest answer - I should mention that I can sometimes be blunt, but I will make every effort to be kind and I will make an effort to make all the answers helpful.

The good news - I will leave the comment option on my blog and I invite others to share their thoughts. If the Ask Nikki idea really takes off, I'll move it to another blog. For now, the questions and answers will be posted at www.muzesmusings.blogspot.com and please submit your questions to AskNikkiLeigh@gmail.com That is the address for your questions. I look forward to hearing what people want to learn more about.

Nikki Leigh --- Send questions to ---- AskNikkiLeigh@gmail.com

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loveambassador said...

Hi Nikki,

I enjoyed your talk on radio tonight. It was nice to meet you after getting your tips and newsletters for almost a year. Thanks for your advice and help.

Annie B Lawrence

Nikki Leigh - Author and Publicist said...

It was great to speak with you too. I'm glad you enjoyed the talk - they surprised me with several questions, but I think we shared some good info.

Nikki Leigh