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Friday, October 31, 2008

How to be a Sales Superstar by Mark Tewart

Beginning November 1, Mark Tewart, author of How to be a Sales Superstat will tour cyber space. We will be visiting sales, marketing and business blogs. Mark's touring during November and December. We plan to visit many sites and look forward to sharing a lot of information to help people become Sales Superstars. I'm continuing to add blog stops to the tour schedule - so check back for more details. People who would like to participate should contact me at nikki@nikkileigh.com.

About How To Be A Sales Superstar: Break All The Rules and Succeed While Doing It

A handy guide that every sales professional or business person can use to become a sales superstar

These days, making the sale is tougher than ever. That's why sales professionals and business owners need more than just smooth talk to make it in the business. Selling is a job that requires an updated toolkit for real, lasting success. How to Be a Sales Superstar teaches salespeople all the specialized skills they need to be a superstar and shows them how to implement those skills immediately. Readers will master the people skills necessary to relate to prospects and read their meaning; the life skills needed to be successful at any endeavor; the marketing skills to draw in new customers and keep the old ones; and the sales skills to eliminate objections and close the deal. You can become a sales superstar—and get rich doing it.

Most salespeople are frustrated from underachieving or failing in their sales career. Because traditional sales training is outdated, it contributes to that frustration. In How to Be a Sales Superstar, Mark Tewart defines a new course that you can use to join the elite ranks of sales superstars.

Tewart teaches you how to develop the skills to succeed in this challenging and
rewarding profession. But this book isn't about how to be simply good or better at the art of sales. Instead, it reveals the myths of selling that keep the majority of salespeople broke, frustrated, and unhappy. It's about how to succeed wildly and become a sales superstar.

To be a sales superstar, Tewart reveals, you must master sales, people, life, and marketing skills—and he explains step by step how to implement these skills in all aspects of business. He shows how people skills are not just about relating to people, but being able to understand them in order to make relationships work. He underscores the importance of life skills and why you must learn exactly how to think, what to do, when to do it, and why you are doing it. He reveals marketing skills that use low- or no-cost techniques to get new customers and keep the ones you already have. And he provides sales skills that show you ways to eliminate eight out of ten objections before they even happen.

Selling is a job that requires an updated toolkit for real, lasting success. How to Be a Sales Superstar gives you all the specialized skills you need to sell more and sell better. Put these skills to work immediately and become a sales superstar.

About Mark Tewart

Mark Tewart is renowned expert on sales, sales marketing, sales management and creating a high performance life. Mark is a motivational speaker, consultant, coach, entrepreneur and owner of four businesses, and author of "How To Be A Sales Superstar - Break All the Rules and Succeed While Doing It" published by Wiley which is available in book stores and Amazon. Mark has spoken to over 2,000 audiences in the last fifteen years. Also, Mark has published hundreds of articles in numerous trade magazines and authored numerous books, audios, videos and online training materials. Mark has had a top ranked Satellite TV show and been interviewed by magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows across the world.

Mark Tewart’s websites include: www.marktewartlive.com, www.marktewart.com and www.howtobeasalessuperstar.info

To read the first chapter of How to be a Sales Superstar and to receive several FREE bonuses from Mark Tewart, visit


Mark Tewart – How to be a Sales Superstar

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Tuesday December 23 - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/consciousdiscussions/2008/12/23/explode-sales-responsibly Call-in Number: (646) 478-4758 – 1 pm EST - You can download the recording to listen after the show.

Monday December 29 - Co-Creator Radio with Mary Eck – 10-11 am CST - http://www.co-creatornetwork.com/archive_daybegin.htm - Call-in: 512-722-1938

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