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Monday, April 7, 2008

Christie Gabour Atwood Author of Three Feet Under - Tour Schedule

Here is a bit of information about her book Three Feet Under – Journal of a Midlife Crisis.

A Celebration of Midlife … and Elastic Waistbands

Christee Gabour Atwood remembers the exact moment when her “midlife crisis” began. She was visiting the campus where she had attended college when she says, “A handsome young man opened a door for me. And then he called me ‘ma’am’.” With that one word, she knew midlife was upon her.

Many people recognize this scene or have ones similar to it that marked the beginning of their midlife crises. And that is what Atwood is celebrating in both her book, Three Feet Under: Journal of a Midlife Crisis, and in the program she will be offering at (location & date).

“Midlife is not an age. It’s an adventure,” states Atwood. “It’s a time to laugh with others at the things we have in common. Things like the ‘fat end of our closets’, where we hide our big-size clothes. Or things like changing our life goals every day. Or even things like realizing that we chose our car more for the color than for what’s under the hood. And that’s okay.”

These are the episodes that Christee shares with her audiences at readings from her book. And she finds that her audiences have just as many stories to share with her.

“I began to realize after a few of my programs that audience members have hilarious midlife moments to share too. So, instead of spending the entire time reading from the book, I started asking for their best midlife stories. And it has been received so well that now I am working on a sequel to Journal of a Midlife Crisis that will include stories from audience members.”

What are the most important lessons that Atwood says midlife is teaching her? First, she says that midlife is a wonderful time of life when people can begin to appreciate the use of elastic waistbands. She also says that this period of her life has helped her to learn new skills – including how to look “cool” while she tries to remember where she parked her car at the mall. Christee also notes that midlife is a time when people finally start to get comfortable “in their own skin”.

“We spend so much time worrying about our waistline, our hair, or what others think of us. I see midlife as a time to stop worrying about those sorts of things and concentrate on what we think of ourselves. After all, that’s the only opinion that truly matters.”

Christee Gabour Atwood’s background includes a variety of careers, including speaker, corporate trainer, humor columnist, association executive, radio and television personality, and even a period as a stand-up comic. But, she notes, writing has always been her passion. “I’ve always written and wanted to pursue it as my livelihood, but I was so hooked on those silly things like eating and paying rent that I never took the plunge to make it my career.”

So why is she taking that plunge now? She shrugs, “I’ve decided that eating is highly overrated.”

To view excerpts of the book or to order it online, Atwood suggests a visit to the website, www.JournalofaMidlifeCrisis.com.

Atwood will present the program, A Celebration of Midlife … and Elastic Waistbands, on (date & location). Attendees will be able to bring their copies of the book to be autographed or to purchase books that evening at a booksigning and reception which will follow the presentation.

She invites all ages to join her at the session to laugh at – or get prepared for -- midlife moments. Attendees will also be invited to share their midlife episodes for possible publication in the sequel to Three Feet Under: Journal of a Midlife Crisis. And, as a final note about the program, Atwood says the only item an audience member needs to be sure to bring is a sense of humor.

Christee Atwood Schedule

Christee Gabour Atwood’s website – www.journalofaMidlifeCrisis.com

She has a very long list of various things she has done in the past – these are just a few. You’ll hear about some others as the month proceeds.

  • Developer, Writer, and Facilitator of the Leadership Development Institute of Baton Rouge City Parish Government
  • Stand-up Comic who was never once hit by a rotten tomato
  • Bad actress who sat a few rows behind George C. Scott in a courtroom scene in In The Heat of the Night
  • Voiceover Actress – Television, Radio, Audio Books, Documentaries, and Films
  • Universal Studios Tour Guide, which assures you she know how to point to her right and her left…
  • Young Career Woman of the Year, Central Louisiana, (back when I was a young woman … but I’m not giving the year)
  • First female DJ in Central Louisiana (Highest rated radio program in history of La - 1986)
  • And she’s an occasional entertainer in the unemployment line…

Feel free to join us on the blog trail with Christee, it will be an entertaining month.

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