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Friday, April 4, 2008

Respond To Your Email

Readers want to contact with non fiction and fiction writer and email is a wonderful tool to use. In previous times, we waited days for mail to arrive and then waited for a response. However, email makes that delay unnecessary. If someone sends you a message, you can respond almost immediately. When you send an email, do you want a prompt reply? Most people who send you an email want a quick reply.

Authors Should Respond To Readers In A Timely Manners

When readers and other fiction authors send you a question, it’s because they want to speak with you. They may want to ask a question or to share news with you. I get emails from readers who want to tell me how they feel about my novels. It’s wonderful to get those messages. Each of these messages needs a prompt reply. Does it bother you to wait and wait for a reply? It is even more irritating when you wait and then they don’t really answer your question. Keep that fact in mind when you receive emails and send your response.

Email As An Author Promotional Tool

Email is an important part of your online marketing efforts. One problem I have is that I have seven email accounts. It is amazing how much time you waste checking seven accounts. I discovered a fascinating free download that makes it much easier to manage multiple email accounts. That is what makes this free download invaluable. (Its free, but a donation is requested.) The link is www.eprompter.com.

Once you download the program, enter any number of accounts and the program checks for messages every fifteen minutes. I’ve found that this makes it much easier to respond in a prompt manner to my emails. It also eliminates the need to log into each of your accounts periodically to see if there are new messages. This is just one option to help you keep up with your email messages.

Learn to Manage Author Email Effectively

The bottom line is to find a method that helps you manage your email messages in order to respond in a prompt timeframe. One last thought, when you respond, also give a complete and helpful answer. This prompt and thorough communication will help people remember you.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series

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