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Friday, April 4, 2008

Qualities of a Writer Who Learns To Promote

All writers who want their book promotion to be effective should consider the key qualities of a great marketing person. Two of these qualities include:


We’ll discuss curiosity and an open mind in another article. For now, let’s talk about determination and persistence. These are two qualities that some people believe are positive traits, while others consider them to be negative. But, depends on how you exhibit these qualities.

Effective Authors Show Determination

Determination and persistence are positive traits, but you can drive other people crazy if you are overly persistent or determined in an irritating way. Are you persistent or obnoxious? There is a big difference in those two traits. I was just talking to another writer today. We were discussing how persistence is necessary for writers. This applies to writing the book, submitting the work to publishers and/or agents and promoting the final product.

It Is Acceptable for Writers To Be Persistent

When you are persistent, you see a project through to the end or until you reach your goals.
However, how do you react when you approach someone and they are not interested? Do you continue to bother them and pester them even when they are clearly not interested? This can apply to agents, publishers, book stores owners and managers and many other people that you encounter when promoting your books.

Pushy Authors Are Not More Effective

There are very few people who respond in a positive way when they are pestered and badgered. They may agree to sell a couple of copies of your book to get rid of you, but they won’t work with you on a long term basis. But, will they make an effort to help promote your books? Or, will they make an effort to avoid you? It’s been known to happen.

You can get good results without being a pain. Be enthusiastic and persistent, but there are times when you need to learn to take no for an answer. Make the rejection positive by asking if there about the reasons why they aren’t interested. Use these comments to improve your approach or your book promotion.

Nikki Leigh
Author of Book Promo 101 Series

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