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Friday, April 4, 2008

Gonzales Resignation and Black and Latino Political Empowerment

Some Latino and black leaders worry that the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales under a cloud of scandal could set back the effort to get more blacks and Latinos in power positions in Democratic and Republican administrations. That’s a false fear says author and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

"The appointment of Gonzales in 2004 was a huge step forward in the political empowerment and personal advancement of black and Latino officials in the Bush administration."

The appointment didn’t come in a vacuum. "The Gonzalez appointment," says Hutchinson, "Was a strong signal that Republican and Democratic presidents recognize the growing power and influence of black and Latino voters and the appointment of blacks and Latinos such as Gonzales to top administration spots was recognition of that power."

In his forthcoming book, The Latino Challenge to Black America: Towards a Conversation Between African-American and Latinos, Hutchinson details the growing voting strength of Latinos and blacks in states that are key to victory in the race for the White House. He insists that Republican and Democratic presidential candidates have no choice but to continue to make hard pitches to black and especially Latino voters for support. Their votes are simply too important to be ignored. This ensures that no matter whether it’s a Democrat or Republican that occupies the White House in 2008 and beyond, more black and Latino officials will be appointed to influential and leading policy making positions in the White House.

Excerpt From Chapter 6 ","Neither Reluctant Political Friends or Enemies" in The Latino Challenge to Black America: Towards a Conversation Between African-Americans and Hispanics
(Middle Passage Press, Los Angeles , October 2007).
Interview Earl Ofari Hutchinson 323-296-6331

Gonzales Resignation No Setback to Black and Latino Political Empowerment Political Analyst Details in His Forthcoming Book
The Latino Challenge to Black America
Middle Passage Press
5517 Secrest Dr.Los Angeles, Cal. 90043

The Spanish broadcasts by Bush and the Democrats were not political grandstanding or a cheap bow to multicultural correctness. In the 2002 mid-term national elections Bush and the Democrats dumped millions of dollars into campaigns to attract Latino voters to their respective party banners. During the elections, Democrats enlisted Latino Democratic politicians to exhort Latino voters to punch the Democratic ticket. Republicans hoped that many Latino voters would stampede to the GOP mostly because of Bush.

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