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Friday, April 4, 2008

Design Your Author Website for DSL and Dial Up

Is your author website “dial up” friendly? High speed internet is very popular, but there are many people who still use dial up. This may be their choice or they could live in areas that don’t offer high speed access. Either way, we need to create websites with dial up visitors in mind.

Create a User Friendly Author Website

When you click on a link and the website loads slowly, what do you do? I click the back key and find something else. Not the most admirable quality, but I usually have limited time to surf the internet. When I’m looking for something, I want the page to load quickly.

Learn To Make Author Web Pages Internet Friendly

What things slow down your webpage? Consider the graphics on your site. Do you have large picture files? It is best to save your pictures as jpeg files and optimize them before including them on your site. This helps the page load quicker. Do you have a background picture? That can also slow down your page.

Audio files can discourage some visitors from staying at your website and they slow your page loading speed. If there are audio files you want to include, let visitors make the decision to click on the files. Many websites include a time estimate of how long it will take to load the files. This allows visitors to make an educated decision about whether they have the time to download or open a file.

Is Flashy Best For Your Author Website

There are many bells and whistles that you can offer to your visitors on your website. Flash animation makes your website move slower. I read another article that said 70-80% of the people who click on a website with a flash opening, leave before it loads. That is critical information for website owners. Bells and whistles aren’t necessary and sometimes they actually hurt you. If there is something on your site that encourages people to leave, it will hurt your sales and your site.

When you create your website, visit a friend with dial up and check your site. Find out how quickly or slowly it loads. This can be critical to your visitors. Remember you want to attract visitors and your site is for their benefit.

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