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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sponsor - N D Hansen-Hill and Melody Knight

N. D. Hansen-Hill is a multi-published award-winning science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal suspense, and romantic suspense author. She has twenty-eight contracted novels and novellas. She writes her romantic suspense novels—sf/fantasy romance—under the pseudonym, "Melody Knight".

ND's tagline is "What bring thee to thy faerie tale?", which applies to all her books. Each is suspenseful, with a blend of her trademark horror mingled with humor.

N. D. Hansen-Hill's novels:

Fantasy - THE TREE SERIES (books in this series: TREES, CRYSTALS, MUD, SHADES, FIRE, LIGHT)
Chill and stark, the Trees were etched against the surrounding greenery like white bones protruding through flesh. Peter Trevick, a plant scientist, was intrigued by their unusual growth patterns. To him, the Trees spoke only of a rare plant disease: something to study and define. He didn't realise they were speaking a different language altogether--one that would forever change his existence, and the lives of the people he cared most deeply about......until it was too late.
Ebooks http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/NDHansen-Hillebooks.htm
Paperback http://www.lulu.com/NDHansen-Hill

STATIC - SF Suspense
Nate Leighton lives in a world full of static. He's a victim of his own surplus bioelectricity, but he's always sought to hide his problem...the original mechanical man in an age where electronics rule.When he's stranded without his medication, Nate begins to discover how severe his problem can be. His existence becomes a nightmare of voracious rodents, arcing electricity, and shifting lights.It's too late to hide. Too late to run. Too late for anything, except fear...
Ebook http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/eBook9334.htm
Paperback http://www.lulu.com/content/84556

VISION - SF/Horror
Written in just 28 days...read by thousands!Dustin Mallory is a man trapped by the past. He is no more a victim than his friends, whose reach at times extends beyond the grave, or whose thoughts take unwanted strolls through other people’s minds.If the past can come forward enough to taunt Mallory’s present, is there a chance he can influence it? Alter a fate that’s too harsh to accept?Or will he spend the rest of his life hovering between reality and revelation? Dependent on strangers for his personal salvation?It is what he now fears most—that he has no future. That he’ll become a victim of his own aberrant genes, to spend his days forever lost in visions...
Ebook http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/eBook9507.htm [free download]
Paperback http://www.lulu.com/content/84719

Rick Lockmann had never met Caroline Denaro in the flesh. It was meeting her out of it that nearly killed him. Her touch was as potent as her plea for help.Now, it's not only Denaro who needs help. She's infected Rick with more than a feeling of horror - she's given him a potentially-lethal dose of virus.Rick learns that survival isn't enough when a virus is bio-engineered...when it's the accidental by-product of experiments blending plant and animal genes. Survival is only the beginning. He has yet to salvage a life from the terrifying side-effects of the infection. Then he must decide how far he's willing to go to stop the spread of the disease, and whether he's still human enough to make sacrifices for his race.
Ebooks http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/NDHansen-Hillebooks.htm
Paperback http://www.lulu.com/NDHansen-Hill

Jarron Marshall should have worried when he saw the open door. But, he was so sure he had nothing worth stealing. Nothing worth a break-in. Certainly, nothing worth his life.He was wrong. If he’d known what was going to happen to him...what sealed doors he was about to open...he would have turned around and walked the other way.Because nothing in his past could ever have prepared him for the terror of his present...for visions living eyes were never meant to see...for voices better left unheard. And, as he becomes trapped in a power play between science and technology, Jarron finds it’s not the only battle he’s caught in...and that power plays aren’t limited to the living.
Ebooks http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/NDHansen-Hillebooks.htm
Paperback http://www.lulu.com/NDHansen-Hill

FANTASY - The ELF CHRONICLES (books in this series: ELF, TROLLS)
“The only way to take charge of your destiny is to create it.”His father’s words.Alexander Brody was sure he had everything under control, including his “destiny”. Andrew Brody’s rather cryptic reference had no real bearing on his future...until the day hellhounds sprang from nowhere to hunt him down - and creatures the Earth had never seen marked him for death. Zander can no longer ignore his father’s warning, any more than he can ignore the traits which distinguish him from other men.Zander is discovering he has a new destiny to face, but first he must determine who - and what - he is.
Ebooks http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/NDHansen-Hillebooks.htm
Paperback http://www.lulu.com/NDHansen-Hill

GILDED FOLLY - SF/Fantasy Suspense
Rom, Wick, and Glys have come to Earth on a mission that will soon have them at each other's throats…literally.Their roles are written in blood, and their actions compelled by long-forgotten oaths—oaths, which they would no longer consider either honorable or ethical to fulfill. For the people they've become, in the personas they've fought so hard to establish, there is no place for a bloody battle between duty and destiny.Only by coming to terms with their present, and the deadly bloodlust which threatens their futures, can they survive long enough to challenge the past.
Ebook http://www.cerridwenpress.com/productpage.asp?ISBN=1-4199-0409-4
Paperback http://www.jasminejade.com/p-3140-gilded-folly.aspx

ERRATIC - Paranormal Suspense
Emma Rathburn would love to be normal...if she can figure out what that is. Her life is a disaster, with the unexpected arising all too frequently, to trample her best efforts.Lately, things have been getting even more out-of-hand. If she can’t get control, she’ll have nothing left: no friends, no job, no life. But, how can she cope, when so much of the threat is more than physical, and the fingers which encircle her throat no longer belong to living hands?

Hardcover http://www.amazon.com/ErRatic-Five-Science-Fiction-Fantasy/dp/1594146438...)

Coming soon:
THE HOLLOWING - SF/Fantasy/Horror - single title
GRAY BEGINNINGS - SF/Fantasy/Horror - single title
BONESONG - Urban Fantasy/Suspense - single title
RELIC - Urban Fantasy/Suspense - single title


IN TRYSTS - Romantic Suspense - In Trysts duet (books in this series: In Trysts, In Flames)
Camellia Perigord Mackintosh has a secret. The quiet librarian, with a master’s degree in anthropology and an unfortunate predilection for historical research, is a modern day version of Robin Hood who will stop at nothing.Jake Hastings is everything that Camellia despises. Incredibly handsome and exceedingly wealthy, the confident government agent has set his sights on catching the notorious felon who’s been breaking all the rules and upsetting the balance of the world’s wealthiest of families, including Jake’s.For years Camellia has avoided capture.

Cleverly working behind the scenes and using whatever means necessary to shake up the establishment, she’s been helping the descendants of disavowed women reclaim their birthright…and their inheritance. But when the provocative Camellia falls into the arms and bed of the uncompromising spy, she may very well have met her match.Melody Knight’s fast-paced suspense romance, In Trysts, is a must read romance. Filled with passion, it will keep you on the edge, make you breathless, and leave you wanting more.

EbookPaperback http://www.lindenbayromance.com/product_details.php?product_id=108

GLASSWORKS - Paranormal Romance - single title
OF DRAGONS - Fantasy Romance - single title
EMERALD CITY - Paranormal Romance - novella

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